Gallery Gossip

President’s Message

Happy New Year and welcome to 2009. This New Year will hopefully come with good health, positive ideas & brilliant new work! We will all have to look forward to new shows & our individual contribution to the Visual Artists Association; Attend meetings; help put shows up take down and or gallery sit.  Be a participant not just an observer.

Galleries Compete for Artists

The addition of two new art galleries in Chilliwack & several restaurants displaying artwork along with an increased number of private shows at artists studio’s & homes is an excellent indication of the increase in activities and interest in the visual arts in Chilliwack.
NO longer have a monopoly on good gallery venues for local or visiting artists and may have to revise their criteria and/or introduce greater incentives to continue to encourage the top people to show their work at our venues. The two new galleries are.
Grey Area Gallery 7
Corner Stone Gallery

Oct. Nov. Dec.  Show Reviews

“Mixing it Up“ was another excellent members show and was very well supported.

The “Something for Everyone” Show & Sell was a new concept and there were 21 enthusiastic artists participating with a great variety of stock available at very reasonable prices. The set up was spectacular and although sales overall were disappointing, it did put our gallery on the map and is an idea worth pursuing,

“8th Hands Across Pacific” Seemed to be on all over town and was an excellent show.
“Seasonal Show & Children’s Christmas Card Design” presentation at City Hall has gained momentum resulting in a much-improved display. Rumor has it that the competition for the Christmas card from the city hall will be open to all artists next year and carries a hefty prize.

Jan Dawson’s show at City Hall  was also delightfully different and well attended.

“Tribute to Norman Bethune” at the Museum was of very high caliber and attracted attention from a wide local, national & international audience. The opening reception was packed.

2010 Call for Entries

Thinking about putting on a show in 2010 or know of someone who might be? Call for Entry forms

Upcoming Shows


Jan 24th – March 13th. “ New Year New View”
Set Up: Fri. Jan 23rd @ 9.00 am.
Reception: Sat Jan. 24th @ 12: noon – 2;00pm.
Take Down: Mon. March 16th

Artists Gallery:
Feb. 3rd– March 5th. “Portraits”
Set up Mon. Feb 2nd  9.00 pm.
Reception Sat. Feb 7th 1.00pm – 2.30 pm.
Take down on Friday March 6th


City Hall:

“On the Road: Traveling Safely in the Fraser Valley” Sardis Sec. School Safety Calendar
Jan. 7th – Jan 30th Front Entrance. Check out the grid display and pick up a free 2009 Calendar.

“Through my Eyes” Laura Mackie
Jan 7th – Feb 26th. Rec. Thur. Jan.8th 7 –8:30 pm.

FV Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists.
March 3 –April 16th
Reception. Thur.  March 5th 7. – 8:30 pm.


“About Face” Joey Nash  March 21 – May 7th
Reception Sat. March 21st 12:noon – 2:00 pm.

Reminder to all of our members that your support at the openings for visiting artists can be informative, very rewarding and is a good indication of our strength. Please try to attend.

Arts Cultural Centre Update

The walls are up & the new Board of Directors have been appointed. The Visual Arts representation is a little thin but let’s give them a chance to prove themselves before criticizing.
Pat Clarke will be giving a visual presentation on progress and expectations of the new Cultural Centre at the Feb. 3rd  meeting in the Art Gallery on Tues.  7.00 PM. Be sure to be there as this is an opportunity to find out what is really going on. If you have any specific questions for Pat please submit them to Garth White well in advance. It is his intention to send them to Pat before the meeting


Regular monthly meetings are held at the Artists Gallery at 45899 Henderson Ave. on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.00pm. Be sure to attend to keep informed and join in the fun.